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Botanical Garden


The concept of yard It has several uses. In this case we are interested in its meaning as the place where plant species of different kinds are grown , usually with an ornamental intention. The botany , meanwhile, it is the science that is responsible for plant study .

From these ideas, we can focus on the definition of Botanical Garden . This is the name of the space destined to the cultivation of plants with the desire to investigate, preserve and disseminate them .

Botanical gardens can be managed by public institutions or private organizations. They are usually open to the public so that people can appreciate their collections of living plants.

It is believed that primitive botanical gardens were developed by Muslims in the territory known as Al Andalus during the 13th century . Modern botanical gardens, meanwhile, would have emerged in Italy at century XVI .

One of the most important objectives of a botanical garden is the conservation of the species , both local and exotic. Specialists seek to create the necessary conditions for plants to grow, develop and reproduce, something very important especially for varieties that are at risk of extinction.

Botanical gardens also contribute to the education . Not only do experts learn with their research and daily work, but also all the people who come to expand their knowledge about vegetables.

A botanical garden, on the other hand, can become a tourist attraction . Many individuals find it interesting to walk through these places full of plants and flowers .

There are many botanical gardens around the world, and each one can offer a different experience thanks to the diversity of species and the way they are presented. Let's see below some of the best known internationally.

Singapore Botanic Gardens

It's about a space of more than 63 hectares, in which we can appreciate a spectacular collection of orchids, with more than three thousand different species. Among its most celebrated tours is the path that passes through a small rainforest. In addition, it has two lakes, in one of which every Sunday the symphony orchestra offers a concert.

Royal Botanic Garden of Kew, in United Kingdom

In everyday speech they are usually called by their short form, Kew Gardens. They are located in the southwestern part of London. Unesco declared them World Heritage since they conserve a high number of species in their 120 hectares of surface. It is important to note that it also works as a bank of seeds , and in this regard it enjoys great importance worldwide. Among its attractions are its library, a large pagoda and its museums.

Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden in South Africa

Its name literally means "botanical garden" in boer. It is located in Cape Town and extends over 528 hectares, in which it houses very varied species, both native and native. You can see a dense landscape vegetation in the Table Mountain.

Montreal Botanical Garden in Canada

It is next to the Olympic State and boasts 73 hectares dressed in almost two hundred thousand plants arranged in various gardens and greenhouses. Among the most popular activities of its facilities is the periodic release of monarch butterflies.

Rest Gardens, in the United States

These gardens are in the State of California, more precisely in the town called Canada Flintridge, a short distance from Los Angeles. With respect to its dimensions, it is much smaller than the previous ones, since it barely reaches 10 hectares . However, it is not at all negligible: it offers us local wild plants, a camellia forest and a lilac garden, among other collections of great diversity.